The REXTAR Process

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The Selling Process

Skip the hassle and cost of traditional brokerage.

Get started by submitting your property information or connecting with a REXTAR team member.

A REXTAR team member visits your property and makes a guaranteed cash offer.

Your property is listed on REXTAR's marketplace and advertised to interested buyers everywhere.

Buyers bid against each other for the chance to purchase your property, driving the price to the highest market value.

Go to Closing and get your money. With REXTAR there are never any fees or commissions to sellers.

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The Buying Process

The easy, transparent way to buy your next property.



Find the property that's right for you. REXTAR's commitment to transparency means buyers can access vital resources before bidding, including a title abstract, inspection report and much more.



REXTAR's Quick and easy registration allows buyers to start bidding without the hassle of traditional brokerage.



Follow the bidding from start to end, jump in at any time or even set an automatic bidding strategy. Bidding takes place over a 24-72 hour period.



Get the keys to your new property. With a fast close and connections to resources such as financing, title services, contractors and more, REXTAR has made the entire process faster, easier and more transparent than ever.

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Bidding with REXTAR

Buy properties from anywhere in the world.

Bidding is Fast and Easy

To participate in an auction, buyers simply register to bid. This entails accepting the terms and conditions of the auction and the contract of sale. At registration, REXTAR requires a hold of $2,500 on a major credit card.

Bidding occurs over a 24-72 hour period and the credit hold is released after bidding ends. The winning bidder executes the contract of sale electronically and wires 10% of the purchase price to escrow within one business day.

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