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The REXTAR Story

Creating solutions for buyers and sellers

REXTAR was created to solve a specific set of problems confronting buyers and sellers of residential real estate. For far too long, the market has presented consumers a limited set of options – options that don't serve their best interests, are costly, and don't reflect the opportunities that the digital revolution has created.

Broadly speaking, homes can be grouped into three resale categories: As-is, Value-add and Turn-key. Owners of each type face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. While every situation is different, with careful attention to individual circumstances an optimal sale program can be constructed, one that will maximize return and minimize time to closing.



PROBLEM: These properties require extensive renovation. They typically sell to investors who will renovate to flip or rent.

SOLUTION: REXTAR has a zero-commission sales program for this type of property. The sales process is fast, transparent and guaranteed on the REXTAR Marketplace, where buyers compete to deliver true market value in the shortest possible time.



PROBLEM: These properties require light to moderate renovation in order to bring a top market price but the necessary investment often can't be made.

SOLUTION: REXTAR can arrange to have the repairs and renovation completed in a timely manner with no out-of-pocket costs. REXTAR manages the process and ensures that only those fixes are made that maximize the return on investment. Costs are reimbursed out of sales proceeds at closing.



PROBLEM: These properties are market ready and can command a top retail price. But the cost to reach that market effectively is artificially inflated.

SOLUTION: REXTAR has a low-cost, flat-fee sales program that offers all the benefits of a full service brokerage arrangement plus staging.


REXTAR’s MISSION: To provide home sellers the best price possible and a timely closing by allowing buyers to compete, openly and transparently, to purchase at true market value.

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The REXTAR Leadership Team

The REXTAR founders and senior management team are industry veterans with diverse successful careers. They have deep experience in every aspect of real estate - from brokerage and auction to construction and investment. For their individual stories click their images.

Bill FoxFounder, Chairman & CEO

Gil SchwartzmanFounder & COO

Tyler BanksFounder & President

Jerry SilvermanFounder & Director of Sales

Ted SilvermanFounder & CTO

Jim Daly Director of
Business Development

Justin Brewer Director of
Brokerage Services

Dave Goldner Gross Mendelsohn & Associates
Acting CFO

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